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Makeli Ella - මාකෙලි ඇල්ල

Height : 10 metres
District : Kalutara

The 10m fall is said to resemble a bride's veil from a distance, and round weather-eroded granite stones pepper the landscape. Before the fall there is a large natural pool, and 6m downstream a fairytale-like islet watershed, known as Thumodara. Later the streams fuse and flow to the Kuda River, and via the Kaluganga River to the sea.

Unfortunately, the natural beauty of the fall and its surrounding area is at risk due to the nearby Kukulegama Development Project. It seems possible that the resulting displaced soil could seep into the stream, causing it to silt up.

The Makeli Falls is situated in the Kalutara District. Take the Matugama - Agalawatte road to Lathpandura and then the Molkava road to reach the fall.

All though this was a popular bathing place before the Kukuleganga Project, now a viewing platform has been built upon the river and bathing here is probibited. The fall can be reached on the route to Kukuleganga Holiday Resort.

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Travel Directions to Makeli Falls

Route from Colombo to Makeli Ella

Route from Kalutara to Makeli Ella

Through : Southern Highway - Matugama - Agalawatte - Lathpandura

Distance : 98 km

Travel time : 2.5 hours

Driving directions : see on google map

Through :Nagoda - Matugama - Agalawatte - Lathpandura

Distance : 54 km

Travel time : 1.5 hours

Driving directions : see on google map

Map of Makeli Falls

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Home > Waterfalls > Makeliya Ella

Updated March 8, 2013

created : December 15, 2007

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