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Home > Attractions > valaichena Bridge (Oddamavadi Bridge)

valaichena Bridge (Oddamavadi Bridge)

This is one of the two unique bridges built during the British occupation of the country and is one of the few places where you can come face to face with a train while driving a car. This is a Road-Rail Bridge shared between both vehicles and trains. The train track runs on the middle of this rather narrow bridge and vehicle traffic need to be stopped for the train to pass.

The other such bridge in the country is in Manampitiya approximately 60km north on the same road. If you travel to Batticaloa from Polonnaruwa , you will pass both these bridges on the way. But a new road bridge was built for vehicular traffic in 2006. Therefore currently this is the only operational road-rail bridge in the country. But a new road bridge is already being being constructed right next to this and very soon even this bridge would turn in to a rail bridge.

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Home > Attractions > valaichena Bridge (Oddamavadi Bridge)

Created : November 14, 2009
Updated : November 14, 2009


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