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Home > Heritage > Polonnaruwa > Manampitya Bridge

Manampitya Bridge

View of the bridgefrom inside the vehicle

This is another interesting place you can visit from Polonnaruwa. This ancient iron bridge runs over the Mahaveli River which runs about 50 feet below. But during the rain reason the water of this river even flow over the bridge.

Bridge, rail road and the tar road

This is a fairly long but a narrow bridge. There is no room for two vehicles to pass, so any vehicle crossing the bridge have to wait till all the traffic passes on the opposite direction. But the most significance feature of this bridge is the railway track running right on the centre of the road. So if you are unlucky enough, this is one of the very few places where your vehicle can come face to face with a train. But fortunately this bridge is manned by the Sri Lankan Army and two army check points on both sides control both rail and motor vehicle traffic.

The new bridge

There are only two such road-rail bridges in the country. The other one is the Valaichena Bridge (Oddamavadi Bridge) which you could come across on the same route to Batticaloa. This bridge is almost identical to the Manampitya Bridge in design and size.

In 2007 A new bridge was constructed in parallel for motor traffic.

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Home > Heritage > Polonnaruwa > Manampitya Bridge

Created : 2003
Updated : November 14, 2009


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